Blind Spot: Hidden Biases of Good People


In a new book,  Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People, Harvard psychologist Mahzarin Banaji and University of Washington social psychologist Anthony Greenwald assert that in modern day America, prejudice comes NOT from a hatred of certain groups, but of a preference of one’s own personal in-groups.

“Discrimination today is less about treating people from other groups badly, DiTomaso writes, and more about giving preferential treatment to people who are part of our “in-groups.”

In theory that sounds very nice:  people don’t really hate other people; they just like some people more!

Which is all fine and dandy until you recognize that an “in-group” includes people of one’s own race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.   Continue reading


The Gosnell Abortion Trial

I wish I could bring myself to write about this.  This tragedy.  This abhorrent crime.  This beyond imaginable nightmare.  Except that it is not a nightmare.  It is real life.  This happened to countless women and babies.  And their families, loved ones, and communities.

But I can neither comprehend this, nor explain any better why THIS–RIGHT NOW–needs to be a turning point in the discussion of women’s health.

So, please, read The Atlantic’s article to find out the whole story.  (Warning:  graphic descriptions and  imagery.)

And then read Jezebel’s article to find out Why We Need to Talk About It.

My Supreme Court Marriage Rally Transphobic Experience From Hell

TransPride Flag

TransPride Flag

Last week during the United For Marriage rally at the Supreme Court, an HRC staffer attempted to remove a trans pride flag from being displayed, and another attempted to prohibit several undocumented speakers from identifying their status.

Guest author Bryan Ellicott, an openly identified transman, became a target of several Human Rights Campaign staff members who repeatedly asked him to remove the trans flag he was holding near the rally stage. Ellicott’s essay painfully outlines the deep animus broadly directed toward transgender people in America.

Please read his piece here:

Op-Ed: My Supreme Court Marriage Rally Transphobic Experience From Hell


MO Pharmacies Not Required to Stock Contraception


This is unfortunate.

Pharmacies in Missouri would be shielded from requirements to stock specific drugs, such as emergency contraception, if legislation passed yesterday by the Senate ultimately becomes law.

Obviously a blow to contraception of all kind–emergency or otherwise–this is just one more step to deny women access to legal health services.

This is a slippery slope in both directions, which is why I think this warrants some serious discussion.

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Equal Pay Day

Equal Education, Unequal Pay


Happy Equal Pay Day, everyone!  Today represents “how far into 2013 women must work to earn what men earned in 2012.”

I know I don’t have to tell you that there is a wage gap.  I’ve already done that here and here.  (And don’t even get me started on the non-believers.)  But I do highly recommend you read this article “How Pay Inequity Hurts Women of Color,” which also discusses immigrants, lesbians, and Millennials.

I want to talk about what that wage gap means.

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