Is This Feminist?  –A Tumblr blog that assesses whether the picture in question is “feminist.”  Hilarity ensues.

Feministing –A feminist blog.

Jezebel –A women’s interest blog with a feminist slant.

Pinterest –If used correctly, a great resource to find other patriarchy smashers.  (See:  The F Word)

Comediva –Because a girl’s gotta laugh.

Finding the Femme –“Musings from a pro-woman, pro-equality, pro-education and pro-happiness feminist that travels a lot.”

The New Civil Rights Movement — “The players in this drama of frustration and indignity are not commas or semicolons in a legislative thesis; they are people, human beings, citizens of the United States of America.”

UltraViolet — “Equality at a higher frequency.”  God, I love that tag line.  Brilliant.


What do you think?

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